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Forever Boy

Just look where we are today

Don’t care how many people hear me say

When I’m with you, I’m more than OK

I’m in love with a sweet boy

You’re lookin’ mighty fine tonight

And when it’s meant to be, it just feels right 

You are my everlasting light

I’m in love with a cute boy

I’m I’m I’m in love love love

I’m in love with my forever boy

Like something out of an old movie

I looked at you, and you looked at me

Just the beginning of our history

I’m in love with a romantic boy

Spent so much time just wishin’

Not knowing what I was missin’

Now I can’t imagine life without your kissin’

I’m in love with my dream boy

Once upon a time, I didn’t know how to love myself

But even still I knew I didn’t want anybody else

Though I once was lost, I now am found in your lovin’ embrace

Right time? Right place?

You came along when I needed a friend

You held my hand, my heart began to mend

And now I know I never have to pretend

I’m in love with my forever boy