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The album!

Well, the Babes have been working hard, and it’s coming along nicely….that’s right! We’re finally working on an album! We have been spending many hours with our friend Spencer Martin to create something we are really proud of. It won’t be easy – or cheap, for that matter – but we’re making it happen! Thank you to all who have pushed us to become more than we ever thought we could be. We’ll keep you updated!

Goodbye Stranger

I suppose it’s about time that I officially announced that as of our final gig in August, I will no longer be a member of the band! Don’t worry–Hannah and Mal will continue to rock on without me, and I will still be there to help with managerial stuff, sound checking, studio recording, our web presence, etc, but I found that in our now four years of playing together, the pressure of performing wasn’t easing up much. Thanks to all of those who ever reached out to me and complimented me. You really don’t know how much it meant to me, and in addition to not wanting to disappoint my sisters, I truly didn’t want to disappoint our fans, which is why I’ve stuck around so long! Stay tuned for the dates and times of my final gigs with the Babes in August and Hannah and Mal’s gigs in the fall. Rock on and peace out.

Our busy winter

Hi K Babies fans! Just a note that Mal will be co-directing the Garaway High School musical, so we will not be taking any more gigs until summer. Check out our schedule for February and make sure you catch us before we hibernate…

Kodachrome Babies featured on WJER!

This is the second year the Kodachrome Babies were featured in the 12 Trays of Christmas 2012 radio spot

We make great elves, don’t we?