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The Simple Things (2024)

Our third album “The Simple Things” was released in January of 2024. We worked with our pal Coby Hartlzer of Hi-Lo Studio in New Philadelphia, Ohio. And though he’s now living in South Korea, we had to include Spencer of Spencer Martin Mixing + Mastering for the mastering. Many of the new songs are collaborations; from guest songwriters, friends pounding the drums, to the sweet sounds of the violin, our friends came through to give us the full band. Songs about heartbreak, picking up the pieces, and leaning into it all make for a rollercoaster ride of emotions on an album that took about 18 months to record.

A Very Kodachrome Christmas (2016)

Our second album “A Very Kodachrome Christmas” was released in November of 2016. Once again we worked with producer Spencer Martin to put our spin on some of our favorite Christmas tunes and pay homage to Thanksgiving with our original tune “Turkey First!”


Developing (2015)

Our debut album “Developing” was released on March 14th, 2015. We worked with producer Spencer Martin to create our take on a modernized girl group sound.

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